Month: October 2015

The Cinderella Moment

We look for it, long for it, and dream of it – the cinderella moment. The moment he comes into our lives and sweeps us off our feet. We look for the big romantic gestures, the butterflies, and the smiles. But what if the cinderella moment is more than that?

My cinderella moment came years ago when we spontaneously danced in the rain under the stars at night. It was magical. I was swept off my feet and felt like I was flying. The big grand moment had came – and it passed.

Life continued and with it came rough times and in those difficult times the cinderella moment wasn’t there in the same way. Through the difficult times, I learned that the cinderella moments that I treasure the most aren’t the big gestures, although I do love those. The times when I have been completely swept off my feet have actually been tiny gestures that have meant more than dancing in the rain ever could.

My most precious cinderella moments are when he wipes my tears, when he says “it’s going to be ok”, when he comes home from a long day and says thank you for making dinner. It’s in seeing that I need a minute to myself and making sure it happens. It’s in seeing a look in my eyes and giving me a hug because he knows I need it. It’s in bringing home ice cream for me when I’ve had a long day. It’s in a quick glance back at me to see how I’m feeling and let me know I wasn’t forgotten. My favorite cinderella moments are when I know he is going through a tough time yet he still cares enough to ask me how I am doing.

We look for the big moments, but sometimes we are so focused on them that we miss the little cinderella moments that happen every day. In our culture we are taught that love is how you feel, it’s about feeling like you are in a cinderella moment all the time. That isn’t reality and no one could ever live up to that expectation. But we can have cinderella moments even amidst great struggles. They may be small, one word, or a quick glance, but those little cinderella moments mean the world.

When I think of the ways I am swept off my feet, it isn’t just through a big cinderella moment, it is through little acts of love and kindness. Those daily things we do for each other that may seem insignificant but are so important. Those little acts of love sustain us. The cinderella moment is really more than one big grand moment – it is all the acts of love, no matter how small, that make up the happily ever after story.